Bapuji B-School brings great value to everyone associated with Bapuji B-School from spreading awareness and recognition of the Bapuji B-School brand to creating opportunities for and guiding current students.

We believe that while the Bapuji B-School experience begins on campus, it is enjoyed for the rest of one's life. The alumni association plays a major role in building long lasting relationships With alumni spread over the world, Bapuji B-School students can be assured of a warm welcome whenever they go.

Bapuji B-School alumni contribute time, energy, and expertise to help the Bapuji B-School fraternity grow, develop and prosper. The Bapuji B-School alumni Association aims to facilitate lifelong learning through the exchange of ideas and knowledge. Alumni pool skills and apply available resources to enhance personal and career development for their members.

The Bapuji B-School culture has impacted how actively alumni contribute to their communities. This desire to share knowledge and skills beyond the workplace and family may very well stem from the many community and philanthropic activities they were exposed to as students at Bapuji B-School. The alumni association has successfully been able to channelize resources for a greater good and no community outreach project is ever short of volunteers.

The Bapuji B-School web site supports the alumni network.

Alumni association
It gives me immense pleasure to say hello to all the Bapujians. As the Director of B-schools, I would like to put on record that we need to reinforce the wonderful, lovely, healthy bond which was initiated a couple of years back. I have come here to consolidate this bond and ensure you and I take this forum of association far ahead.

Now it is for you to come in the fore- front to take a lead and impel the association to phenomenally great heights. You, the wonderful managers, the entrepreneurs, the professors, the mentors and guides and what not! the list is endless. When we have such a fantastic integration of excellent intellectuals, minds, and organizers why should I like for somebody else outside this forum to help our B-School or look for a better weight age for my B-School in the existing market. You are my brand ambassadors and now it is for you to carry this brand forward and forward and forward.

This is my sincere appeal to all the Bapujians to come together, raising a toast to tell the world outside that we the Bapujians will carve a niche for ourselves in the world of education, management, industry…any field you name it ….. we are there.

The very purpose of this association is to bring forth as many activities as possible to bring a transformation in ourselves and the world in and around us. Not only this, the healthy bond which we have created yesterday need to be strengthened to ensure all the stake holders are benefited.

Let us take oath today to realize our dreams.

All the very best.

Student Secretary is Yet to be announced
The elected post of Alumni Affairs Secretary was introduced in the council with the goal of improving alumni-student interaction. The activities of the Alumni Affairs Secretaries of the different sectors are coordinated at the institute level by the Alumni Affairs In-Charge, a nominated member of the Institute General Secretary Council.

The Bapuji B-School has grown and expanded tremendously since its establishment. Not only it has emerged as the premier B-School in the country, it has also acquired international status. In the year 2007 the University of Delhi has been ranked ahead of all other institutions belonging to the higher education system in India for its research quality, graduate employability, international outlook and teaching quality, by the International Education and Career Development Group. Today, DU can take pride in imparting quality education to more than 3 lac students at different levels every year.

Very large numbers of Alumni of Bapuji B-School have distinguished themselves at various levels - academics, civil services, sports, business, judiciary, etc. and have been honoured with National and International awards. It is a matter of pride and honour for Bapuji B-School to have such eminent Alumni. At the level of the College, there is an Alumni Association, which has important role in the governance of the College. It has its representation in the University Court and the Executive Council, the highest decision making Bodies of the University. Besides, the Alumni office facilitates to establish contact, to exchange views, to renew communication and to rewire ties that had got disconnected with time.

We look forward to improving our interaction with the Alumni. Our planned activities are focussed on this goal. We sincerely hope to keep in constant touch with you.

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